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In a sample of 143 adults from a population of households in Idaho, significant differences in patterns of alcohol use and attitudes about underage drinking were found as a function of parental status. Non-parents reported drinking alcohol more frequently than parents. Parents were significantly more likely than non-parents to report that it is never acceptable for minors to drink alcohol, that minors should not be allowed to drink alcohol at parties with no parents present, and that “sting” operations by police are warranted. Surprisingly, non-parents were significantly more likely than parents to that report stores and bars are not careful enough about selling alcohol to minors

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The official published version of this article can be found at This is a final authors’ draft of the paper: Pritchard, M. E., McDonald, T. W. Relations of Parental Status and Alcohol Use Patterns and Attitudes About Underage Drinking. Psychological Reports, 2006, 98,414-416. ©Psychological Reports 2006.