2010 Chinese Speech Contest, Department of Modern Languages & Literatures, Boise State University


2010 Japanese Speech Contest, Department of Modern Languages & Literatures, Boise State University

Bed Bugs: Beyond the Nuisance, Lea Duffin

Continuous Authentication for Secure Mobile Applications, Jason Christensen

Correlation Between Saturation Magnetization, Bandgap and Lattice Volume of Transition Metal (M = Cr, Mn, Fe, Co or Ni) Doped Zn1-xMxO Nanoparticles, Joshua Anghel

Cupping the Spark in Our Hands: Developing a Better Understanding of the Research Question in Inquiry-Based Writing, Bernice Olivas

Desamparo y contaminación: falta de justicia ambiental en Heroes and Saints por Cherríe Moraga, Jasmin Najera

Development of Bioluminescent Mammary Cancer Cells with Knocked Down Expression of OSM for Detection of Bone Metastasis in Vivo, Caleb Sutherland, Ken Tawara, Jeff Reshaw, and Cheryl L. Jorcyk


Do High Frequency Oscillation Vests Reduce Vital Capacity in Normal Subjects?, Brad Hughett, Colleen Monteith, and Vida Khaliki

Elliptic Curve Cryptography in Magma and its Computational Complexities, Jonathan Donahue and Jang Hee (Eliot) I

Examining the Connection Between Elevated Triglyceride Levels and Risk for Diabetes in Latino Adults, Jonathan Glogowski, Dr. Leonie Sutherland, and Dr. Shawn Simonson

Factors Influencing International Political Rights: A Multiple Regression Analysis, Regan Charlton

Ferroelectricity in Homoepitaxial Off-Stoichiometric SrTiO3 Films Studied by Ultraviolet Raman Spectroscopy, Andrew Farrar


How Do Tidal Volume and Peep Settings Affect Expiratory Resistance? A Bench Study of the LTV® 1200 Homecare Ventilator, James Matsuura, Candice McClain, Andrea Young, Kady May, and Jody Lester

Identifying Student Perceptions: The Effect of Parent-Child Relationships on Attitudes Towards Academic Abilities, Heather Gifford

Impacts of Regional Cold Front and Localized Weather Phenomena on Autumn Migration of Raptors and Landbirds in Southwest Idaho, Robert Miller

Influences on Abortion Rates in America: A Multiple Regression Analysis, Brindee Probst

La civilización contra el ecofeminismo: la mártir contemporánea en So Far From God de Ana Castillo, Jennifer Larson

Linguistic Politics: Creating a Communication Canon Post WWII, Erin Miller

Parasite Prevalence Study at the Idaho Humane Society, Emilee Kottcamp, Hope Esplain, Lauren Troy, and Calista Deland

Perceptions of Discrimination: An Analysis of Four National Surveys of Latinos; Findings from the Pew Hispanic Center/Kaiser Family Foundation National Survey of Latinos, Jenny Gallegos

Personality and Character Selection in World of Warcraft, Ian Mosley

Rendre visible l’invisible : Le montage par discontinuité et d’autres techniques de la Nouvelle Vague dans Pierrot le fou de Jean-Luc Godard, Rebecca Foster

Representing Propositional Connectives with Modular Polynomials, Shawn Davis

Revisionismo y justicia ambiental en So Far From God de Ana Castillo, Rebecca Foster

Seismicity Associated with Geothermal Systems, Randi Walters

Support for Success: An Exploration of the Support Networks of Latino Students in the College Assistance Migrant Program, Alexandra Ornelas Gonzalez

The Unreliability of Philosophical Intuitions, Jordan Park

Une Création Artistique : Masculin Féminin, Betsy Venard