Idaho Nurses Association (INA) Delegates Serving at the ANA House of Delegates

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The 2010 American Nurses Association House of Delegates (HOD) was held in Washington D.C. June 16-19. In reflecting on the most surprising things about the House of Delegates, three first time delegates, Pat Lazare, Robin Pattillo, and Renee Watson, expressed thoughts on how organized and efficient the meetings were. Strict use of parliamentary procedure was effective. As a third time delegate, fourth Idaho delegate, and author of this article, I marveled at changes since previous service as a delegate: hand held electronic "clickers" for voting, short surveys, short demographic surveys; brief nursing trivia quizzes; and immediate voting results. Delegates with Blackberry's viewed instant messaging reactions (e.g. Obama's speech) of non-delegates via social media including Twitter and Facebook.

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