Influencing MetacognitionThrough Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning: Lessons Learned From a Faculty Learning Community

Sara Ahten, Boise State University
Robert Anson, Boise State University
Ingrid Brudenell, Boise State University
James A. Goodman, Boise State University
Eric Orton, Boise State University
Kathy Reavy, Boise State University


Over an academic year, five faculty and one staff member from diverse disciplines at Boise State University formed a faculty learning community (FLC). Meeting in-person twice a month, the community members worked to complete scholarly group and individual learning projects. Metacognition emerged as a theme and goal for collaborative computer-supported learning activities. They developed a model that fostered metacognition within the FLC as well as in student-focused learning projects. Overall, the projects illustrate the model and how faculty can influence metacognition though computer-supported collaborative learning. Specific applications and suggestions to promote learning are included.