Development of the Adolescent Support Model

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Adolescents approach their childbirth and breastfeeding experiences through the lens of their cognitive and psychosocial needs. Developing interventions which facilitate adolescents' childbirth satisfaction and initiation ofbreastfeeding may promote the health of these young mothers and their children through increasing their breastfeeding rates. The authors propose the Adolescent Support Model as a potential framework. Three studies have been conducted to facilitate the model's development. Six theoretical constructs were developed fi^om the findings of these studies. These constructs include the client's perspective, the nurse's perspective, supportive needs of adolescents during childbirth, professional labor support, coping resources, and health outcomes. Although the Adolescent Support Model needs testing and refinement, it can provide a framework for planning and implementing interventions to enhance adolescents' childbirth and early breastfeeding experiences.

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