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The impact of Florence Nightingale's visionary work continues to influence the delivery of nursing care in the contemporary emergency department (ED). Her foundational work in the Crimean War resulted in data-based recommendations for using the environment to promote healing and wellness among sick and wounded British soldiers. She advocated for attention to environmental details, including ventilation, air, warmth, drainage, cleanliness, natural light, and low noise levels. These important environmental concepts play a significant role in the nursing management of trauma patients in today's ED. This article features an application of Nightingale's environmental concepts to a trauma patient case exemplar and demonstrates the enduring impact of her work for trauma patients who receive care in the ED.

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Nichols, L.S., Hyde, M.T., Mosley, M. and Gibbons Hallman, M. "Connecting Contemporary Trauma Care to Florence Nightingale's Visionary Work", Creative Nursing, 29(1), pp. 147-156. Copyright © 2023, SAGE Publications. Reprinted by permission of SAGE Publications.

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