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Objective: To examine risk factors associated with falls among homebound community-dwelling older adults, a vulnerable population often possessing functional disabilities and chronic conditions.

Design and Sample: The study was a cross-sectional study utilizing round 6 data of the National Health and Aging Trend Study (NHATS). Descriptive statistics and multiple logistic regression analyses were conducted. A total of 1,356 homebound community-dwelling older adults aged 65 and above participated in the NHATS.

Measures: The outcome variable was falls within the last month reported in NHATS. Independent variables were selected based on the NHATS disability conceptual model and literature review, including personal conditions, environmental conditions, and physical functioning limitations.

Results: In the sample population, 21.2% reported falls. Males were more likely to experience a fall than females. Hypertension or depression/anxiety increased risk for falls. Older adults with hearing impairment or balance problems limiting activities were also more likely to fall.

Conclusions: Public health nurses need to conduct thorough fall risk assessment for homebound older adults, especially those with chronic health problems or functioning limitations. Studies are needed to examine the association between home environment and falls in homebound older adults.

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