Civility: A Concept Analysis Revisited

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Background: Nurses have an ethical obligation to create cultures of civility, treat others with respect and dignity, and foster healthy, inclusive work environments that protect worker and patient safety.

Purpose: Because concepts are known to change over time, this concept analysis compares the original concept of civility published in 2008 with the current concept analysis of civility.

Methods: The Walker and Avant method of concept analysis was utilized.

Findings: Antecedents, defining attributes, ideal and unintended consequences, relevant cases, and an operational definition of civility are presented. A conceptual model illustrates antecedents, defining attributes, consequences of civility, and the role perception plays when assessing, interpreting, experiencing, and responding to incivility.

Discussion: Authentic civility, rather than “mere civility,” is urgently needed to build meaningful relationships, create healthy, productive work and learning environments, and foster organizational cultures of inclusivity and belonging.