Evaluating the Usability of a Second-Generation Virtual Reality Game for Refreshing Sterile Urinary Catheterization Skills

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Background: Virtual reality (VR) allows risk- and anxiety-free practice, mediated by consistent objective feedback.
Purpose: This study evaluated the usability of a VR game system for sterile catheterization practice. Participant enjoyment, engagement, likelihood to practice, and comfort using VR are reported.
Methods: Thirty-one students and faculty tested a VR game using Oculus Rift devised to allow practice of placing a urinary catheter in a virtual patient. Data were collected via an electronic survey using the System Usability Survey (SUS) and a User Reaction Survey (URS).
Results: The SUS score was 64.03. Seventy-five percent of participants rated the game as positive overall on the URS. Left-handed players had more difficulty playing the game. Players with prescription glasses could not comfortably place the Oculus Rift over their glasses to play.
Conclusions: The VR game shows promise for refreshing sterile catheterization skills.