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Aim: The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of the Healthy Moms intervention on antenatal breastfeeding self-efficacy and intention and to determine the feasibility of using an online game-based learning platform to deliver antenatal breastfeeding education.

Background: The Internet has potential for improving breastfeeding rates through improving women's access to antenatal breastfeeding education.

Methods: Twelve computer-based breastfeeding education modules were developed using an online learning platform. Changes in participants' breastfeeding self-efficacy and intention pre- and post-intervention were measured using descriptive statistics and a one-way ANOVA.

Results: Of the 25 women submitting the pretest, four completed zero quests; seven, orientation only; eight, one to six breastfeeding quests; and six, 10 to 12 breastfeeding quests. No significant differences in breastfeeding selfefficacy and intention were found among the groups.

Conclusions: Online antenatal breastfeeding education is feasible; however, further research is warranted to determine if it can affect breastfeeding outcomes.

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