Comparison of Syllabi Expectations Between Faculty and Students in a Baccalaureate Nursing Program

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This study aimed to explore and compare expectations of syllabi between students and faculty in a university baccalaureate nursing department. Knowing what students expect from syllabi can lead to improved student success and may reduce faculty time in clarifying class policies.

Faculty and nursing students from eight semesters volunteered to complete a survey exploring syllabi definitions, pertinent content, and the importance of student involvement in syllabi development. The findings suggest there are differences between faculty and student perceptions regarding important syllabi content. Students wanted syllabi that provided the nuts and bolts of how to accomplish each assignment and course requirement most efficiently. Faculty preferred information about student behavior, such as student conduct, participation, and attendance rules. Adult Learning Theory was used to explain these differences. This article points out that faculty may not be as in touch with the needs of adult learners as they claim to be.

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