Expert Modeling, Expert/Self-Modeling Versus Lecture: A Comparison of Learning, Retention, and Transfer of Rescue Skills in Health Professions Students

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Background: It is unclear whether traditional lecture followed by simulation leads to the best learning and knowledge and skill retention over time. Method: A 3×4 mixed design study used three modes of education—traditional lecture with self-guided learning, expert modeling/dual viewing with brief questioning, and expert plus self-modeling—at four time points to compare knowledge, time to treat, and correct steps over time. Results: No significant differences were found in knowledge or time to treat between training methods. An expert modeling/ dual viewing group with brief questioning performed more steps correctly (p = 0.05) than did the other two groups. Conclusion: Expert modeling may help students remember and perform a complex series of tasks in a scenario. Further research is needed to explore expert modeling for novice learners.


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