Evidence-Based Reflective Teaching Practice: A Preceptorship Course Example

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Aim: This preceptorship course case study employed an evidence-based reflective teaching practice perspective based on a nursing process framework to develop, implement, and evaluate assignment efficacy directly related to course objectives.

Background: Journaling and article analysis had been used to assess development of role socialization, critical thinking, and self-reflective practice. These activities were found to be ineffective; new assignments were needed to address essential issues and allow for evaluation of assignment efficacy.

Method: Based upon contextual constructivism, four assignments were developed focused on learning goals, nursing skills, assumptions/biases, and role socialization. Assignment efficacy was evaluated via anonymous exploratory surveys.

Results: Student reports identified that assignments met learning outcomes. Methods for improvement in instructional practice were identified and revisions made.

Conclusion: Participation in evidence-based reflective teaching practice can enhance reflective practice in students through appropriate assignment development, advancing the discipline of nursing education.

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