Cindy's 'Five RITES' for Fostering Student-Driven Civility

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Some readers may know I am a professor in the School of Nursing at Boise State University. In June 2010, an article I co-authored with one of my nursing students, titled “What students can do to promote civility,” was published in Reflections on Nursing Leadership (RNL) as part of a five-part series on civility. As I mentioned in the first installment of this present series, nursing students are our promise and our hope. They are the Jedi Knights who will lead our noble profession to a bright future where personal and organizational civility reign. To frame this article, I have developed the Five RITES of Civility:

  • Raise awareness and expose effects of incivility.
  • Inspire action and catalyze change.
  • Take responsibility for creating civility.
  • Engage and commit to personal and organizational change.
  • Sustain results and generate more change.

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