Roles of Twinning and < a > Slipping in Tensile Anisotropy of Rolled Mg–3Al–Zn Alloy

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In this work, the tensile twinning and < a > type slipping dependence of plastic anisotropy in the rolled Mg–3Al–Zn alloy are studied by using tensile tests along two orthogonal directions, the rolling direction and normal direction. The results show that the initial basal texture of the material influences the activities of twinning and slips, leading to anisotropic deformation. During tension along the rolling direction, the deformation is dominated by basal and prismatic < a > slips. During tension along the normal direction, the deformation is accommodated through tensile twinning and basal < a > slip; prismatic < a > slip is hard to active in matrix grains, but it plays an important role in twined regions.