Mediating Conflict in the Workplace


Fall 2023

Type of Culminating Activity

Student presentation


As a current manager of a childcare facility, my struggles with managing conflict amongst employees inspired me to research helpful ways to mediate conflict. I used multiple resources that shared similar views on how to effectively help staff through a challenge. Once this research was completed, I presented the information in a live zoom training with five childcare managers. To conclude the training a survey was sent out resulted in four responses. These responses were unanimous that training to help with conflict in the workplace was needed, and that the information in the Mediating Conflict in the Workplace training was helpful to those that completed the training. The conversations during and after the training that was conducted also resulted in childcare managers admitting that there is a lack of training in human resource information available to small businesses, and having more options available like the Mediating Conflict training would be helpful for small business owners.

Degree Program

Bachelor of Applied Science


Margaret Sass, J.D., Ed.D.


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