Spring 2023

Type of Culminating Activity

Student presentation


The purpose of this project is to get my message and story out to the world online where anyone can access it and read it. What inspired me to write my project was I had a few people encourage me to do so. I worked on this project hoping to complete it by the due date, I actually finished a week early and turned it in. The methods used to complete this project was writing I had been writing since high school as well as the kindle Create writing app. Essentially you write a book and edit and upload it to their website as a hard and e book copy. Then once reviewed it’s uploaded on their store website.

The reason I did this project was because there were a lot of people who supported the idea of this project. I felt like my book is relevant to the world today and people should hear this story. Going to school is one thing but to be bullied, threatened and mistreated is another. The outcome was good. I received feedback and the audience did feel what I felt and they understood and agreed with what I wrote and had been through. I also felt the story was important because no stories are the exact same and this is my story.

I wanted to grow my emotional intelligence and by writing I was able to do that. I wrote according to logic and feedback I was given by a few people. I wrote about growing and how going through all this helped me grow mentally. I also wanted the audience to feel the emotions while reading this and they did. The feedback I was given also said that you could grow from reading such a story. This story was relevant to how people may be feeling or what they may be going through.

Degree Program

Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Professional Studies


Margaret Sass, J.D., Ed.D.



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