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The present study examined young adult participation in sexting: a transmission of nude or semi-nude images or sexually suggestive text of themselves to others through cell phones. An online survey was conducted Spring 2010 at large northwest university. Results revealed that nearly two thirds of participants had sent nude or semi-nude pictures of themselves. Cell phones were reported as the primary medium in transmission of sext messages. Nearly half of those who have participated in sexting had sent them to a boyfriend or girlfriend, while 15% sent them to someone they only knew online. To be sexy or to initiate sexual intercourse was the main reason given for sending sext messages. There were significant differences found between those who have sent nude or semi-nude pictures of themselves and those who have not. The total number of sexual intercourse partners and number of oral sex (performed) partners appear to be higher among those who have sent sext messages. Given the lack of scientific research on this topic, current and future research will allow educators, parents and communities to make choices that are more informed in regards to sexting and to understand the ever-changing advances that technology and evolution has on society.

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Dr. Elizabeth Morgan