About This Journal

The Boise State McNair Scholars Program serves students from groups underrepresented in graduate education and first generation college students from low-income backgrounds, grooming them for graduate studies through scholarly enrichment, exposure to research, and other academic experiences and opportunities. The program collaborates with Faculty Mentors to prepare McNair Scholars to successfully pursue a Ph.D. and careers in university teaching and research.

Each Spring, the McNair Scholars Program publishes the Boise State McNair Scholars Research Journal, featuring articles reporting on research conducted during the McNair Summer Research Institute. The journal provides a unique opportunity for McNair Scholars to experience the publication process and develop important writing and revision skills.

The Boise State McNair Scholars Program is funded by a $225,000 annual grant from the US Department of Education. The McNair Scholars Program is a member of the Council for Opportunity in Education and the Northwest Association of Special Programs.

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