Carol McHann


Criminal Justice


Criminology and Criminal Justice


To date, there have been a limited number of studies that focus on the events of terror and injury, identified as domestic violence, as it occurs within the lives of homosexual couples. Through a review of academic articles and an analysis of government statistical data, this paper will address the prevalence of reported incidents of domestic violence within same-sex couples in the state of Idaho as compared to those reported nationally. The incidents of same-sex domestic violence within the state of Idaho will also be compared to incidents within heterosexual couples at the state and national levels to access the prevalence of domestic violence within same-sex couples by using heterosexual couples as the “norm”. This should enable the reader to make comparisons that enable one to understand the magnitude of domestic violence. The prevalence of such events should be evaluated to enable the enactment of programs applicable to the homosexual community that will inevitably be of benefit to all of society.

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Dr. Lisa Bostaph