High Rayleigh Number Mantle Convection on GPU

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We implemented two- and three-dimensional Rayleigh-Benard convection on Nvidia GPUs by utilizing a 2nd-order finite difference method. By exploiting the massive parallelism of GPU using both CUDA for C and optimized CUBLAS routines, we have on a single Fermi GPU run simulations of Rayleigh number up to 6×1010 (on a mesh of 2000×4000 uniform grid points) in two dimensions and up to 107 (on a mesh of 450×450×225 uniform grid points) for three dimensions. On Nvidia Tesla C2070 GPUs, these implementations enjoy single-precision performance of 535 GFLOP/s and 100 GFLOP/s respectively, and double-precision performance of 230 GFLOP/s and 70 GFLOP/s respectively.


GPU Solutions to Multi-Scale Problems in Science and Engineering is part of the Lecture Notes in Earth System Sciences book series.

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