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The purpose of this study was to identify if and how K–6 teachers perceive that their literacy instructional coaches influence their writing teaching.


The authors employed a parallel convergent mixed-methods design with survey data. The authors used thematic analysis to identify patterns within short-answer responses.


K–6 teachers receive little literacy coaching specific to writing. However, when they do receive coaching, they believe it benefits their writing instruction. Sustained coaching through the coaching cycle, frequent collaborations, and support with writing instructional resources and strategies were reported as the most influential writing coaching practices.

Research limitations/implications

Sample size was a limitation to this study. Of the 66 participants, 41 (62%) completed the entire survey.

Practical implications

This research provides coaches with valuable insights about coaching practices that teachers find to be the most effective in influencing their writing instruction. The increase in teachers' competence in writing instruction due to coaching provides evidence to administrators and stakeholders that coaching in writing is an area in need of attention.


This study adds to research specific to the coaching of writing within the K–6 context, which currently is sparse.

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