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Teachers are often underprepared to teach writing, which can negatively impact the performance and attitudes of their students. In teacher preparation programs, one goal should be to specifically develop future teachers of writing. Focusing on self-efficacy beliefs, increasing preservice teachers’ confidence and preparedness for teaching writing could yield positive impacts on classroom writing instructional practices. Currently, tools to quantitatively measure self-efficacy for writing and writing instruction in preservice teachers are sparse, thus limiting teacher educators’ ability to understand the efficacy of writing instruction. Therefore, the purpose of the present study is to gather evidence of score validity and reliability of a newly developed, theoretically-grounded survey for measuring preservice teacher self-efficacy for writing and writing instruction. The Preservice Teacher Self-Efficacy for Writing Inventory (PTSWI) provides a pragmatic tool designed for use by teacher educators. Results indicate that the PTSWI produces valid and reliable scores that are aligned with current theories from writing research and psychology.

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