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Purpose - This study examined the effect of shared leadership on student project team processes and outcomes. We focused on shared leadership and its association with team processes (coordination, goal commitment, and knowledge sharing) and team performance.

Design/methodology/approach - To examine the shared leadership, team processes, and performance model, we conducted two separate surveys of 158 graduate and undergraduate students working in project teams at a large southwestern university.

Findings - Results showed that shared leadership positively affected coordination activities, goal commitment, and knowledge sharing, which in turn, positively affect team performance, even though shared leadership had no direct effect on team performance.

Research limitations/implications - Our research adds to the knowledge of important team process factors through which shared leadership indirectly affects team performance.

Practical implications - Based on our findings, we provided implications for students and instructors that shared leadership can facilitate team performance by enabling team members to coordinate activities, commit to goals, and share knowledge effectively.

Originality/value - This study presents an initial understanding of the shared leadership-team performance relationship by introducing influential variables, such as coordination activities, goal commitment, and knowledge sharing in a team.


The published title is "Shared Leadership in Teams: The Role of Coordination, Goal Commitment, and Knowledge Sharing on Perceived Team Performance".

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