Instructional Design for Socially Distanced Compliance Audit

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The COVID-19 pandemic made being socially distant an essential practice to upskill employees. As employers incorporate measures to keep employees socially distant from one another, they also need to consider technology to make this practice possible. Our project with a large state-wide, multi-campus food bank (FB) in the pacific northwest occurred during the late summer and early fall of 2020. The FB partnered with our group of three graduate students and one faculty member to improve self-audits of their coolers. This project used technology and rapid prototyping to design an instructional intervention that allowed social distancing in a workplace where employees were required to be present. We conducted a front-end analysis including training requirements, learner and environmental analysis and task analysis. This article describes the process of the analyses and design of instructional materials that allowed the FB to scale their audit process to their other warehouses.