2023 and Beyond: What Does the Future Hold for the Field of Performance Improvement?

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A new year seems to be the impetus for a pause to see the trends that we are faced with and what that possibly could mean for the field of performance improvement. As the world is focused on recovery and growth after the pandemic, it is a continuous call for organization leaders to adapt to volatile market conditions as most are confronted with the impact of inflation, supply chain crises, energy sourcing, and digital skills (Groombridge, 2022). A scan of the business horizon highlights some of the following trends (Marr, 2022; Groombridge, 2022; Vogel, 2023):

As these trends dominate the business landscape, we must raise questions such as:

As practitioners devoted to the field of performance improvement, our primary objective cannot be solely dedicated to competitive advantage, growth, and the ability to thrive among these trends and threats. But, it behooves us to recognize...