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In 2020, the Idaho Legislature authorized an independent, external evaluation of the state’s literacy intervention program (Program) that will consider: (a) program design, (b) use of funds, including funding utilized for all-day kindergarten, (c) program effectiveness; and (d) an analysis of key performance indicators of student achievement, as well as any other relevant matters. For the third year, Idaho Policy Institute (IPI) was contracted to conduct the evaluation.

Performance data traditionally used in this evaluation is unavailable because of the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, IPI administered online surveys to teachers (n=494) and administrators (n=101) and conducted in-depth interviews with teachers (n=11) to understand the function and perceptions of the Program across the state. This report also includes data from the 2019/20 (LEA) literacy plans, budgets, and expenditure data.


This report was prepared by Idaho Policy Institute at Boise State University and commissioned by the Idaho Office of the State Board of Education.