Volume 1, Issue 1 (2017)

Welcome to our first issue!

It is with great anticipation to introduce the first issue of the International Journal of Undergraduate Community Engagement (IJUCE). The International Journal of Undergraduate Community Engagement (IJUCE), a multi-disciplinary Open Access journal available online is dedicated to undergraduate students that participate in service-learning, community service, and/or community engagement activities and projects. Undergraduate students are encouraged to write about their community engagement experiences through articles, essays, and posters. Involving students in reflective writing exposes them to scholarly work and encourages active citizen participation. The journal showcases students in the role of researcher and an engaged community member. Creating the relationship between a student’s community engagement and the classroom inspires future research and appreciation for their higher education experiences. I would like to acknowledge the talented illustrator of our cover page created by a Boise State University undergraduate student. Rayshell Glenn is an illustration student at Boise State University. She was born and raised in Idaho but aspires to travel around the world one day. While she travels, she hopes to write a graphic novel and design book cover art or be employed in the video game industry. IJUCE is open to all national and international undergraduate students. Being our first issue, we hope to have a semi-annual publication available on Scholarworks for Fall and for Summer. Our intention is to have a student create the cover page for all future issues, so please submit if you are interested. . Editor-in-Chief



Impact of Books
Alyssa Buffi


Non-Profit Community Project
Christine Lee, Nicole Gomez, Riziki Mberwa, Michelle McCollough, and Alex Tulen


Madeline Martinson