2019 Graduate Student Showcase

Title of Submission

Listening to Nature: Using Multi-Trophic Interactions to Inform Pest Management Strategies

Degree Program

Biology, MS

Major Advisor Name

Jennifer Forbey

Type of Submission

Scholarly Poster


Plants are reliable and exploitable resources of bioactive chemicals against pests in both people and wildlife. There is evidence that birds will include greenery in their nests that target pests. We used two types of chromatography to investigate the diversity of chemicals present in greenery found in nests of golden eagles. We found that available greenery had higher concentrations and diversity of chemicals than avian-preferred greenery, but all greenery contained bioactive compounds. Studying host-pest interactions may provide a novel and streamlined framework to discover bioactive compounds and help identify potential mechanisms of action to improve development of targeted natural products.

Funding Information

The National Science Foundation DEB-1146194, IOS-1258217, OIA-1826801, OIA-1757324, Idaho National Science Foundation EPSCoR under Award No. IIA-1301792 and Institutional Development Awards (IDeA) from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences of the National Institutes of Health under Grants #P20GM103408 and P20GM109095


Many thanks to Logan Treat and the US Fish and Wildlife Service Western Golden Eagle Team (F15AP00200), Bureau of Land Management (L14AC00342), the National Science Foundation Division of Biological Infrastructure (1263167), the Boise State University Raptor Research Center.

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