Submission Guidelines for 2018 Graduate Student Showcase

What is the Graduate Student Showcase?

The Graduate Student Showcase is a one day graduate conference at Boise State University that provides an opportunity for you as a graduate student to showcase your talents, connect with other graduate students, and enjoy the possibility of winning a cash award.

Where can I learn more?

To learn more about creating a scholarly poster, please visit the Student Research Poster page

Please do not hesitate to email .... with any questions

Am I eligible to participate?

If you are a graduate student at Boise State, you are eligible to participate! We encourage submissions that encompass all academic areas.

What does a visual or performing arts proposal submission look like?

A project submission for Visual or Performing Arts should include a Project Summary and Abstract. Project Summary: consists of (1) Description and explanation of your work (2) Description of how the work relates to the broader art world and contemporary society (3) Future direction – where you might go from here based on your current work. Note: The limit for this project summary is 200 words each for the first 2 sections and 100 words for the final section. Abstract: An abstract is an even briefer summary (limit 100 words) of your project that will be printed in the Graduate Student Showcase program.

What does a poster proposal submission look like for research, scholarship, or entrepeneurship?

A project submission for a Poster should include a Project Summary and Abstract. Project Summary: This is a summary of your project or entrepreneurial business pitch and should include descriptions of the purpose of the project (e.g., why it’s important, how it fits in the current literature, etc.), procedure/description (e.g, what did you do, what was the process of your project), results/outcomes (e.g., what happened, what did you discover or learn through your project), and implications/future directions (e.g., how does your project impact your field of study, what are something’s that future researchers or scholars could look at as based on your project). The project summary for an entrepreneurship submission summarizes a business plan in relation to purpose of the project (e.g., business concept, what problem does the business solve for customers, description of product), procedure/description (e.g., market strategy, development, sales & marketing, operations, financing), results/outcomes (e.g., major achievements, prototypes, patents, facility) and implications/future (e.g., return on investment, expansion plans, exit strategy). Note: The limit for a project summary is 500 words. Abstract: An abstract is an even briefer summary (limit 100 words) of your project that will be printed in the Graduate Student Showcase program.

I am in a fully online graduate program. Can I still participate?

We encourage graduate students in fully online programs to participate in the Graduate Student Showcase. To participate remotely, you will be required to provide a high-quality image of your poster to be projected on a screen during the Showcase. Visitors will then have a chance to chat with you electronically about your work. A time-slot will be assigned to you during the 9:00 am-12:00 pm timeframe. If you have access to campus, you are encouraged to present your your work on campus. Online participants should still submit the proposal that is appropriate for their work. If you have any questions, please contact ...

What does a scholarly poster look like?

First time making a poster? Need help getting started on a poster? Need a refresher course? No problem! The NYU Library website provides information about how to make and present a poster, including templates and design recommendations.

Here’s some other important information specifically about making posters for the Graduate Student Showcase: (1) Although the above link discusses research posters, the Graduate Student Showcase will incorporate posters that cover a variety of topics (e.g., theory, project proposals) and areas of expertise. Any student in any area of study can submit to present a poster! (2) What needs to be included on the poster? We ask that you include Purpose, Procedure/Description, Results/Outcome, and Implications/Future Directions to the best of your ability.

What are the dimensions for the posters?

Posters should should be 48" x 36" in size.

How are prizes awarded?

The Graduate College will be awarding “Viewer Choice” prizes. Ballots will be handed out at the door so Showcase visitors can vote for their favorite poster, visual art or performance piece. For feedback on your project, we encourage you to meet with your advisor, committee members, and/or other faculty members in your program.

Will there be electric outlets for my work?

Electrical outlets will be available as needed for the performing arts.

What materials are provided for my work?

The materials vary based on the type of submission.

For posters for research, scholarship, and entrepreneurship submissions, there will be space to hang your research poster. Handouts are encouraged, but optional.

For Visual Art, lighting, and a wall for displaying your work will be provided, as well as an easel or table upon your request. Please arrange to bring any other materials on your own. Please contact us with any concerns:

Is there a limit to how many submissions I can enter?

Yes, we ask that you submit one entry per person.

What if I have class during the times of the Graduate Student Showcase?

The expectation is that you will be at the Graduate Student Showcase from 9:00 A.M. – 12:00 P.M. We encourage you to contact your professor and let them know that you are participating in this campus-wide graduate student conference. You will need to discuss this directly with your professor in order to determine what is feasible.

Who can I direct questions to?

Please direct questions to ....