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A gathering of subjects of history, activists who are engaging in the struggle for humanization, provides the ideal circumstance for pedagogical explorations that are generative and organic. Contrary to state-sponsored schooling, where inductees are treated as objects, receptacles of what Gabbard3 refers to as "the secular gospel," participants in the International Institute of Peace Education (IIPE) 2008 held in Haifa, Israel demonstrated the power of critical pedagogical encounters to move people to act not only with clarity and determination in, but also if necessary, against the everyday. After years of cultural work in a variety of terrains of engagement, I learned that a persistent, generative question regarding hegemony deserved an activity, which I designed to problematize the inertia of the status quo and neutralize the effects of hegemonic encounters. Implemented at IIPE, the effort was to promote a mindset to counter-respond by exposing inertia as a hegemonic practice.

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