Reimagining Freirean Pedagogy: Sendero for Teacher Education

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Corporatization of the Academy ensures teacher education is less about the preparation of teachers and more about the reproduction of minimally skilled labor and the neoliberal global capitalist status quo. Colleagues from across the US recount in conversation at conferences and in the field the decline of the quality of teacher preparation programs. It is our position as is the position of other Critical educators, Paula Allman, Lilia I. Bartolomé, Antonia Darder, Henry Giroux, Donaldo Macedo and Peter McLaren to name a few, teacher preparation programs may and do benefit from work with colleagues, professors, administrators and other students, who practice a Freirean critical pedagogy. What we mean is their personal pedagogical praxis must be more than talked about in University methods or curricular courses it must be lived by the very professors, administrators and students of critical pedagogy who would prepare the next generation of teachers.

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