Paying Attention: The Legacy of Louise Rosenblatt

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The March 2005 issue of Voices from the Middle is a tribute to the life and work of Louise M. Rosenblatt, a pioneer in reading theory and the teaching of literature, who died on February 8, 2005, at age 100. Through her groundbreaking books, Literature as Exploration (1938) and The Reader, the Text, the Poem (1978/1994), and her years as a teacher, researcher, and speaker, Dr. Rosenblatt affected the thinking and teaching of generations of teachers. These pages are filled with stories and perspectives from those who knew her and learned from her, articles from those whose work has been indelibly imprinted with the principles of her theories, and excerpts from Rosenblatt’s own writing over 70 years of publishing. There is even a poignant piece from her son, Jonathan Ratner. A selected bibliography is included to encourage deeper reading.

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