Finish Line Arch

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Student Presentation

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Sarah Haight


Tri Idaho has been using an inflatable archway for their triathlon races but are unsatisfied by the constant power consumption it requires and lack of interchangeable sponsor advertisements. Another alternative that has been used is scaffolding; however, there are limitations for various clock and TV positions. The Boise State University Senior Design team has been asked to design an arch with an adjustable width between 15’ and 25’. This arch should support a TV and clock in the center of the cross beam while allowing for sponsor banners to be prominently displayed at any location along the arch surface. The tower design of the arch allows for a photographer to climb upwards of 6’ in order to record video or take pictures of the racers that pass through the finish area. Oftentimes, races occur in many different locations, which require the arch to be transportable by breaking down into sections with a maximum length of 9’. In order to design and analyze the arch for safety, AutoCAD was used as the primary software. Additional engineering calculations were performed to verify the maximum wind load rating as well as any tipping due to people climbing on the arch and hanging accessories. Prior to use, an assembly manual will be created for ease of set-up. Through the design, building, and testing process, a prototype is expected to be delivered to the client for immediate use.

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