Ranger Subdivision Design

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Student Presentation

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G. Murgel, S. Miller, R. Hamilton, A. Farid, J. Hernandez, M. Khanal, S. Call & V. Sridhar


Ingenium, LLC is designing The Ranger Subdivision is a series of multi-family dwellings to be located on a 2.36 acres parcel in West Boise, northeast of the Wildwood Street and Fairview Avenue intersection. The subdivision’s design will maximize the number of dwelling units on the site along with associated parking spaces, and recreational features. The overall design will meet codes and requirements set by the federal, state, and local regulatory agencies. Structural floor plans, parking lots, and sidewalks will be designed in compliance with the American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA).The critical design tasks include utilities layout, and a transportation plan and roadway design, and structural and foundation design of a typical dwelling unit. The remaining key elements of the project include an environmental site assessment, stormwater runoff plan, stormwater pollution prevention plan and documentation of all applicable permitting.

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