BillieRacks Racking Redesign

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Student Presentation

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Sarah Haight


This project included redesigning and manufacturing a prototype for the BillieRacks racking system. BillieRacks is a company dedicated to designing and manufacturing unique outdoor products for the active sportsperson. The BillieRacks system is a device created to improve access to sporting gear, tools and equipment for the active individual. Eventually, BillieRacks would like to be able to sell the device in retail stores, but the current cost of manufacturing is too high to earn a profit, so this project included a cost reduction proposal for the current manufacturing process. An entry-level product was chosen to prototype with modifications including reengineering key device components that are currently too expensive and developing in-house manufacturing capabilities for high value assemblies (with the required tooling). These modifications advance the base product design into a lower cost version, providing a more competitive entry market price point while maintaining the critical functionality of the device.

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