Do Supply Management Practices Vary with Company Size, Ownership, or Industry?

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Dr. Tom Gattiker


Research revealed that all five companies did track supplier performance. Therefore, it can be assumed that the information derived from capturing, storing, and analyzing of supplier performance data is invaluable to any company, indicative of their size or industry. Uses of this information, as well as the type of performance data captured, ranged from enabling conversations between the supplier and company to tracking individual number of defective items supplied.

In regards to gifts and gratuities, although all five companies had a gratuity policy, whether informal or written, only three out of the five offered training in this area. Policies instituted at each company varied slightly, four out of the five allowing the acceptance of low value items. The Idaho State Department of Administration is the only institution to disallow the acceptance of any gift or gratuity, as governed by state statues.

From private, small companies to large, publically traded, multinational corporations, supply chain management practices do vary. As each company has encountered unique supply chain situations, they have had to planned and responded with distinct practices dependent their environment and company’s characteristics.

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