Boise State -ASME Human Powered Vehicle Team

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Publication Date

April 2010

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Dr. James Ferguson


The 2010 Boise State Human Powered Vehicle Competition (HPVC) team proposes to build the most competitive vehicle to date by the university. The competition places high values on speed, endurance, ingenuity, and safety, which will be primary areas of focus during the vehicle build. The team’s goal is to build a vehicle capable of winning the overall single rider, and overall utility competition. To meet this goal requires a durable vehicle capable of speeds in excess of 45mph in sprints, and 20mph in a 65km endurance event. Additionally the vehicle must be safe, innovative, and attractive. With knowledge gained from previous entries the team will build a three-wheeled recumbent trike for the 2010 entry. The vehicle will be low profile, with a narrow frontal area to minimaze drag forces. The vehicle will include a pivoting rear axle for cornering performance. An internal crank will be used to drive the front wheel for innovation and ergonomics. The vehicle will be designed and tested to exceed all ASME safety and performance specs. The material of choice is 6061-T6 aluminum for reduced weight. An attractive and functional fairing for protection and decreased drag will be incorporated. A combination of standard components and a custom designed and student fabricated frame will be used. In addition the front hub will be an in-house custom design and fabrication. The team will compete in the ASME West competition at Cal State Northridge, April 23-25, 2010. The team will field a competive and functional vehicle for the challenge.

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