The Cryosphere Geophysics And Remote Sensing (CryoGARS) Glaciology Group at Boise State University primarily conducts research focused on modern glacier change using remote sensing data, with field observations and numerical modeling used to validate and expand upon the remote sensing-based analyses. The geographic extent of the research spans the Arctic, Antarctic, and alpine regions. The full glacier "life-cycle" is considered, from accumulation of snow at high elevations to iceberg calving into the oceans, encompassing the surface mass balance and ice dynamics processes that govern glacier mass.


Submissions from 2021


Dataset for Dynamic Mass Loss from Greenland's Peripheral Glaciers, Katherine Bollen, Ellyn Enderlin, and Rebecca Muhlheim

Dataset for Time Series of Terminus Position for Glaciers Along the Periphery of Southeast Greenland, Julia "Jukes" Liu, Ellyn Enderlin, Andre Khalil, and H.P. Marshall