Publishing in the Journal of Mental Health Counseling: A Guide for Authors

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It has been almost nine years since Quinn Pearson, then-editor of the Journal of Mental Health Counseling (JMHC), published her inaugural editorial “Three ‘Ps’ of Publishing in the JMHC: People, Process, and Product” (2011). In this editorial, Pearson outlined the roles of authors and reviewers in publication, the way the editorial process unfolds, and the quality of the final product. Since the article’s publication, the JMHC has continued its tradition of publishing “high-quality articles that further the scientific knowledge base, define and enhance the mental health counseling profession, and speak to clinicians, educators, and students” (Pearson, 2011, p. 195). The JMHC has also seen some changes. For instance, the four traditional sections—Theory, Practice, Professional Exchange, and Research—were joined in 2017 by a fifth section, Neuroscience-Informed Counseling (formerly titled Neurocounseling), which allows us to expand our focus on innovative and cutting-edge practice.