Treatment Fidelity in Neuroscience-Informed Cognitive-Behavior Therapy: A Feasibility Study

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Neuroscience-informed cognitive-behavior therapy (nCBT) is an emerging approach that is being refined in preparation for efficacy trials. This feasibility study defined the essential components of the nCBT model and evaluated whether expert raters could determine if trained clinicians adhered to or deviated from the model. The study sample featured 11 licensed mental health professionals who participated in a simulated client session 8 weeks after the conclusion of a 3-day training. Sessions were recorded and reviewed by the research team, who evaluated trainee videos from 11 simulated client sessions. Interrater consistency among four raters ranged from κ = .64 to κ= .84. Considerations for model development, modifications to the fidelity scale, and recommendations for counseling researchers and practitioners regarding treatment fidelity are discussed.