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This study evaluated the influence of students’ perceptions of teachers’ anti-bullying behavior and sense of school belonging on bullying victimization among elementary school students (N = 110). We used structural equation modeling (SEM) to test a mediational model in which we hypothesized sense of school belonging would mediate the relationship between students’ perceptions of teacher behavior and bullying victimization. Results supported the mediational model, indicating students’ perceptions of teachers’ anti-bullying behavior was positively related to sense of school belonging, which in turn was related to lower levels of bullying victimization. Findings highlight the importance of teachers in fostering a positive school climate to reduce bullying behavior. Implications for school-based bullying prevention and intervention programs are discussed.


The published title is “The Effects of Students’ Perceptions of Teachers’ Antibullying Behavior on Bullying Victimization: Is Sense of School Belonging a Mediator?”.

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This is an Accepted Manuscript of an article published by Routledge an imprint of Taylor & Francis Group in Journal of Applied School Psychology on 2019, available online at doi: 10.1080/15377903.2018.1479911