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A portable system based on a non-destructive sterilization method was developed that consists of a chamber producing ozone concentration levels reported in the scientific literature to deactivate 99.9% of all microorganisms. The system includes a small cordless 30mg/h ozone generator placed inside a 20L enclosed chamber. Personal protective equipment is loaded into the chamber and automatically exposed to an ozone concentration up to 18 ppm for 30 minutes. PPE is then removed and ventilated in open air to allow residual ozone to degrade to oxygen. The paper describes the design and performance characteristics of this technology.

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This document was originally published in 13th Textile Bioengineering and Informatics Symposium Proceedings (TBIS 2020): Combatting COVID-19 Pandemic with Science and Technology Innovations by Textile Bioengineering and Informatics Society Limited. Copyright restrictions may apply.