GEOTRACK-2015: An Upgraded Software Tool for Railroad Track Analysis

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GEOTRACK is a software for track structure analysis under vertical quasi-dynamic loads. It uses a three dimensional, multilayer elastic model for determining track and subgrade responses. Originally developed by Chang et al. in 1980, GEOTRACK has been validated by several studies to closely match the elastic response of railroad tracks in operation. GEOTRACK can be used to calculate different track response values in the superstructure as well as substructure. The most recent version of GEOTRACK, GEOTRACK for Windows, was developed in 1992 at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. However, the source code for this executable version was lost before the software rights were acquired by the Transportation Technology Center, Inc. (TTCI). Accordingly, the current executable version, which only runs on 32-bit Windows operating systems, cannot be upgraded. The source code currently available to TTCI does not correspond to the current executable version of GEOTRACK, and was written in the VAX FORTRAN language, making it incompatible with modern compilers and operating systems. Considering the widespread need for GEOTRACK by researchers and practitioners in the railroad industry, a research collaboration was recently initiated between Boise State University and TTCI to develop a new upgraded version of the GETORACK program.

This paper will present preliminary results from this developmental effort, and will introduce different features being incorporated into the new version. Developed using the platform, the new program features an intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI) with enhanced pre- and post-processing capabilities. Fundamental approach behind railroad track analysis using the multilayer elastic theory is presented in this paper along with basic analysis framework being used in the newly developed program.