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With a crowded engineering curriculum, it's difficult to justify three credit hours for a new course in the comprehensive instruction in applied ethics. Partial coverage of ethics in undergraduate engineering seminars, or the "Introduction to Engineering" course also has obvious drawbacks. In contrast, a modular integration of ethics throughout the engineering curriculum, although it demands coordinated coverage and relevant links to many diverse computational courses, seems like a logical alternative. This paper will discuss a web-based module created to introduce the ethical perspective of Nietzschean perfectionism to engineering undergraduates in a junior-level Civil Engineering course in Structural Analysis. I will also discuss the usability testing of this module, and plans for additional ethics modules to be integrated into other engineering courses at Boise State University.

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This document was originally published by IEEE in 32nd Annual Frontiers in Education, 2002. Copyright restrictions may apply. DOI: 10.1109/FIE.2002.1158737