Sports Card Market Research (Football Rookie Cards)

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Student Presentation

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Eliot Smith


This project conducted research on the sports card market for football rookie cards in the modern era. The project consists of two parts: the history of the sports card market and the analysis of the football rookie card market. The history of the card market is meant to provide insight into the purpose of the project and a background from which the research is built. The analysis portion examines different variables which influence price fluctuations in the market. I have compiled a database of players and prices for their rookie cards as well as other variables including: card product, number of rookie cards, rarity of the card, player’s draft position, player’s position, team association, number of championships won, popularity level (common, semi-star, superstar), number of career defining moments, career longevity, teams played for, and current status (active, suspended, unsigned, retired). This data was then used to perform a regression analysis to determine which variables have the most significant effect on the prices of football rookie cards. This research should allow hobbyists to more accurately predict fluctuations for football rookie cards and help them to invest more effectively in this market.

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