Boise State University Bike Share Program

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Student Presentation

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Scott Lowe


Bike share programs are growing more and more popular every day. These systems are not only being utilized across the United States, but in many European countries as well. A bike share system provides opportunities to travel at cheaper rates as well as reduce car congestion, air pollution, and incorporate exercise. The bike share system is simple, and stations are often available in areas that are easily accessible with multiple bikes per station. Anyone can use these bikes by purchasing annual or monthly memberships, or even daily passes. Once a bike is checked out, the user can ride it anywhere just as long as they return the bike to any station location. In cooperation with Central District Health Department located in Boise, Idaho we are focusing our efforts on implementing a bike share program at Boise State University. By conducting a student survey we were able to determine how many students would take advantage of this system and also to determine the best locations of the bike stations. This project will result in a final report that provides details of the benefits, costs, and pitfalls of such a program. A step by step plan will also be created to provide implementation techniques for other cities or universities that would like to incorporate this system into their community. With continued research and cooperation from many outside sources we hope to turn this environmentally friendly idea into a reality.

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