This is the 45th anniversary of the publication of Dr. Pat Bieter’s booklet by the Idaho State Historical Society in 1973. It served as one of the earliest English language introductions to the Basques in general, and specifically the Basques of Idaho relating the story of the Basque homeland and why Basques immigrated to America and settled in Idaho. This re-publication with permission returns us to the pioneering work of this author. In addition to his writing on the Basques, Bieter founded Boise State's first studies abroad program which later became part of the University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC).

About the Author

Dr. Pat Bieter (1930-99) was a professor at Boise State University for 40 years and was elected to the Idaho House of Representatives in 1996. He fell in love with all things Basque after marrying Eloise Garmendia, the daughter of two Basque immigrants who met each other in Boise. He helped found Boise State University’s first Basque study-abroad program, during which some 80 students joined the Bieter family in the Basque Country.


College of St. Thomas BA - History 1952

University of California, Berkeley MA - History 1956

University of Idaho, Ph. D. - Education 1969