Publisher & Editors

This journal is published by Basque Studies at Boise State University in collaboration with ScholarWorks at Boise State University which has offered us this online home through Digital Commons (based in Berkeley, CA). We are also grateful for the support of the generous individuals below.

The editorial board serves as the primary arbiters and directors of the journal in all its aspects.

Advisory Editor: William A. Douglass, Ph.D.

Editors: John P. Bieter, Ph.D. & Dave Lachiondo, Ph.D.

Managing Editor: John M. Ysursa, Ph.D. (E-mail: boga@boisestate.edu)

Advisory Board

This group of volunteers serves as a means to integrate the resources of institutions of higher learning that are pursuing Basque studies in a shared venture to promote scholarly study. The advisory board is consulted for input of how to best promote scholarly study and includes:

Oskar Alvarez, University of the Basque Country; Karlos Arregi, University of Chicago; Steven Gamboa, California State University, Bakersfield; Juan Ignacio Hualde, University of Illinois, Urbana; Nere Lete, Boise State Basque Studies Minor Director; Viola Miglio, University of California, Santa Barbara; Joan Molitoris, Stanford University; Pedro Oiarzabal, University of Duesto; Mari Jose Olaziregi, Etxepare Institute; Ana Isabel Ugalde, Eusko Ikaskuntza; Sam Zengotitabengoa, former editor of Journal of Basque Studies; Joseba Zulaika, Center for Basque Studies, University of Nevada, Reno


In a collaborative effort, the work of the journal is made possible by volunteers who assist the editors in the academic peer review process of submissions. These names are not posted to maintain the integrity of the review process.

Manuel Losada's (Bilbao, 1865-1949) painting of the Basque "estropadak"