Ribonucleotide and Ribonucleoside Determination by Ambient Pressure Ion Mobility Spectrometry

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Detection limits and reduced mobilities for 12 ribonucleotides and 4 ribonucleosides were measured by ambient pressure electrospray ionization–ion mobility spectrometry (ESI–IMS). With the instrument used in this study it was possible to separate some of these compounds within mixtures. Detection limits reported for ribonucleotides and ribonucleosides ranged from 15 to 300 pmol and the reduced mobilities ranged from 41 to 56 suggesting that ambient pressure ESI–IMS may be used for their rapid and sensitive separation and detection. This report demonstrates that it was possible to use ion mobility spectrometry (IMS) to obtain a spectrum for the separation of nucleotides and nucleosides in less than 1 min. The application holds great promise for nucleotide analysis in the area of separating DNA fragments in genome sequencing and also for forensics DNA typing examinations used for the identification of blood stains in crime scenes and paternity testing.